Looking at a few 17u teams from the circuit

Peak Sports Films’ Reviews Some 17u Teams

I wanted to look at a few teams that stood out from the Kansas City Live Period event hosted by RecruitLook Hoops.

  • All-Iowa Attack Elite Red 17U
    • All-Iowa Attack closed out the weekend in Kansas City with a perfect 4-0 record. This team packs a big scoring punch from behind the arc, with sharp shooter Cooper Randall and three level scorer Grant Welch leading the way. They also have a great defensive anchor in 7’0 Daniel Tobiloba, a monster on the defensive end and while rebounding the basketball. Attack also implements hockey-style line changes with their subbing, an interesting tactic that is worth noting. 

  • BMM 17U
    • BMM went a combined 5-3 over the RL Live Events while playing some of the top competition on our circuit. It all starts with high-major recruit Matthew Reed, one of the best all-around big men I’ve seen in the 2023 class so far. Reed gives his team a lot of versatility and opens up scoring opportunities for his teammates. 6’7 forward Ethan Blackman also played well during both live periods, stretching the floor and banging down low with Reed. Dylan Walker and Coleson Messer also impressed me throughout both weekends.

  • Dallas Mustangs 17U
    • My first look at the 2022 Dallas Mustangs was at our KC Live Period Event and I came away thoroughly impressed. From their big win over Rocky Mountain Select, I noticed the shooting prowess of Parker Hannah and Connor Newton, the latter of which finished the game with 7 made three pointers. The Mustangs also have powerful slashers in Jordan Kamga and Joseph Mayberry, who helped power the Mustangs to a great weekend in KC going 4-0 over some of the toughest competition in the event.

  • Phenom Boys Pip 17U
    • I really love how this Phenom Boys team’s roster is constructed, especially the dynamic between David Kim, Cooper Schwieger, and Carson Schwieger. This trio all played on the same high school team in Kansas, and their chemistry is undeniable. Both the Schwieger twins are able to score from all over the floor and keep the offense flowing for Phenom Boys. Combine that with the microwave scoring ability of David Kim, and an additional scoring punch from the likes of Donald Bangham and Micah Piggott, and you have one of my favorite teams to watch during the RL Circuit Live Period events

  • Team YOBO /VWBA 17U
    • Team VWBA (aka Team YOBO) has always been a well-coached team where Victor Williams maximizes the potential in every one of his players. This team has some of the best guard play on the circuit. Corbin Allen (2025/G) will be one of the top guards in the country when it is all said and done. He has an advanced skill set that you typically don’t see in freshmen that are playing 17u. Corbin recently picked up his first D1 offer. Isaia Howard (2024/G) is breaking out and will be a good college prospect. Josh Salinas (2024/G) is an underrated guard that has college coaches checking in on him. That trio with some athletic wings like Terrius Walker and Winston Allen make this 17u team a tough out.

Standout Player: 2023 Ethan Blackman (BMM)

Ethan is 6’7 with a frame that can take contact and finish in traffic. Despite his size, he is deceptively bouncy and has good feet. He is quite good at facing up his defender and blowing by him to get to the rim. He can use a spin move as well to separate from the defense while getting to the basket.

He is a terrific passer and demonstrates a nice feel for the game. His jump shot is solid out to 15-feet and he has generally a soft touch.

During one contest he had his offensive skill set on full display as he had a game high 20 points in a variety of ways. He made two shots from 3 point range. He did the majority of his damage in the paint as well as mid-range jumpers.

He is a tough match-up.

He has been able to garner buzz with his play thus far this spring as we head into the summer recruiting period he will be a name that continues to get more coaches attention.

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Elite Defender: 2023 PG KeShun Brown (HoopLyfe Academy)

KeShun Brown played the KC Live Period as if he was trying to win the defensive player of the year award. In most situations of the evaluation period, it is more offensive and defense is sometimes optional. That is not the case with the 5’8 KeShun. He takes so much pride in his defense it is refreshing to witness.

He drew 9 charges this past weekend which was the most of any player. He is exceptional help defender and uses his speed to beat guys to the spot.

Defense is his calling card but he is not just regulated to one side of the floor.

He pushes the ball in transition and if he is not picked up he will be at the rim before some defenders cross half court. He can slash with his great burst of speed and break swipe attempts from reaching defenders in the lane and finish without any problem.

KeShun has a nice touch and body control. He can also penetrate and kick to open teammates with either hand while making a difficult pass look easy.

KeShun plays with energy and is a treat to watch.

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Top Passer: 2023 Giovanni Mack (Phenom Boys-PIP)

The 6ft PG is a true floor general and really shows leadership ability in running a team. He has really matured his game from playing an end line to end line type of speed paced game. He is now playing with so much poise and composure it shows the work he has put into his game.

Giovanni is a true leader and has the proper mentality to play the point and run a team. In addition, he has great vision and is a very good passer in the open floor.

He finished with a game high nine assist in one contest during the KC weekend leaving many watching in amazement at his passing and overall unselfishness.

His game seems to grow game to game as he is taking what his coaches are giving him and then executing on the floor.

He can really push the ball down the court and he gets wherever he wants with it. He gets into the paint at will and can get it to the rim with his athleticism and explosion.

Giovanni can score but I want to see him make his perimeter jumpers consistent all game along with making the 3-point shot so defenders can not back off him at all.

He is off to a tremendous start in AAU as I predict he will continue his solid play throughout the rest of the summer.

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Standout Performer: 2024 Anthony Gause Michael Porter Jr. Elite (MPJ)

The baby face assassin. We were blown away with Anthony’s poise for the point guard position but also his scoring ability.

Anthony used his length, skill, and athleticism to dominate all weekend.

He averaged 20+ PPG during the weekend but scoring was all he did as he also contributed 11 assists as well.

He is developing into a better shooter who gets great lift and his release is solid. 

He’s an outstanding student (3.7GPA) and his performance (great competitor) on the court exemplifies that as well. He makes great decisions with the basketball in the open court and is a tremendous passer. 

I am excited to continue to watch the growth in his game going into and thru the summer as he seems poised for a huge session.

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