Fan Subscription Details

The 5 Main Things You Get as a Fan

Here is a closer look at what you’ll get from our team of Scouts at RecruitLook Hoops. We look forward to having you as a customer!

Adrian Griffin, Jr. – 2018 Camper

1.) Exclusive Info from the Larry Hughes Elite Camp

This camp is for 50 of the top players in the country & underrated recruits, led by 13-year NBA Veteran, Larry Hughes and State Champion Coach, Justin Tatum. This camp will feature wearable technology that will track everything that the athletes are doing on the court. Campers wear the device, and the Kinexon platform takes over from there — providing valuable data that will give college coaches a better idea of what athletes can do on the court. We’ll provide live streaming, live player tweets, and post camp articles to our subscribers.

The camp will be one-of-a-kind with how we plan on tracking all the movement by the athletes while they compete at Larry Hughes Basketball Academy. No other camp in the country can provide this level of information to college coaches.

  • Two full-sized courts
  • Same high-tech accoutrements found in NBA facilities
  • RSPCT basketball shot-tracking system
  • Kinexon’s sports technology cameras to track player’s movement
  • Lazer 900 Handle Fitness Exercise Machine for ball-handling drills
  • All info is logged and accessible to college coaches

2.) Access to our Player Reports

Our team of Scouts posts 20+ player reports each month on prospects across the country.


We’ll find what each player does well on the court and break it down.


We’ll identify areas of the player’s game that needs improvement.


We’ll project where a player might fit best at the next level.

3.) Advanced Stats at RecruitLook Hoops Events

We are excited to partner with EPLAY to provide verified statistics and data analytics. As we continue to do events empowered by the EPLAY platform, we will provide more and more stats for your review.

4.) Access to breaking RecruitLook Hoops News & Content

As a subscriber, you’ll have full access to every piece of content that we post to our Scouting Network, which includes the topics below…

Event Previews.

We breakdown some of the top players and teams that will attend our events.

Event Reports.

Breaking down players & teams that perform well at RecruitLook Hoops events.

Player Focus.

Player interviews to get to know the player on and off the court…and we ask about their recruitment.

Team Previews.

We’ll take a look at AAU and HS teams before, during and after their seasons.

And… Player Interviews!

We interview dozens of players at our events to get a feel for what style they like to play, how they feel they are performing, and more in-depth coverage of their recruiting interests.

What They’re Saying…

-Ivy League Assistant Coach

“We found a recruit at your July event last year. We had no intention of signing anyone but we couldn’t pass him up. We’ll be back every year.”

-GLVC Head Coach

“We know we’ll get a good evaluation on a recruit with the collection of talent here.”

-Ohio Valley Assistant Coach

“Your events are always well run and you take care of us. Coach [head coach] appreciates the info on players, too. You guys have a good thing going.”