MBCA Top Performers Part 3

We spent June 17th-18th evaluating the talent at the Midwest Showcase hosted by the Missouri Basketball Coaches Association. This was an evaluation weekend for college coaches, including the D1 coaches. Here are some players that had a good weekend.

Dayton Forsythe, 2024, 6’2 Guard

SHOOTER. Forsythe has a quick release and good lift on his jump shot. He possesses good leadership qualities as well. A winning player who makes winning plays. 

Drew Kingery, 2023, 6’5 Wing

Mr. Versatility. Kingery is a player who does a little bit of everything on the floor. He makes open shots, rebounds well, and can create for others. One of the most productive players in Iowa. He made a big impact in front of a lot of coaches. 

Bo Aldridge, 2023, 6’4 Guard

Aldridge is an explosive athlete who attacks the rim nonstop. The lefty can hang in the air and works angles as well as anybody here. High upside and a major motor for this prospect out of Topeka. 

Colby Lancaster, 2023, 6’7 Forward

Strong post player with good hands and the ability to finish on either side. Solid area rebounder. Lancaster does a good job of protecting the rim and making it difficult for the opposition to get a clean look. 

Avian Webb, 2025, 5’10 Guard

A crafty young playmaker and marksman from deep. He’s hit a couple of long-range shots to start the day. His size doesn’t limit him and he’s got a warrior type of mentality. An exciting young prospect who had a major freshman year in the Metro Kansas City area. 

Stephen Bonner, 2023, 6’3 Guard (pictured)

Confident guard with serious scoring instincts. Bonner plays through contact and attacks his opponent at all times. His game and mentality really stand out in this environment. 

Jadis Jones, 2024, 6’6 Forward

One of the most rugged players in the early session. He’s a lot to deal with around the rim and has a quick second jump. Jones’ game is slowly but surely expanding out to the three point line as of late too. One of the best prospects in Missouri.