Player Preview: 2023 Khalil Ross (Brother Rice)

Khalil is the ideal wing prospect in my estimation. He passes all the test on both ends of the floor. What is intriguing about him as a prospect is that I feel he hasn’t even begun to reach his full potential.

He’s an athletic wing who can score in a variety of ways.

Whether it’s shooting the three, finishing strong on the break or slashing to the basket, he definitely has a knack to score. He is being a high end defender being able to guard multiple positions.

He can spot up and read penetration or take it off the dribble where he attacks his defender to create space. Khalil being a lefty is a hand driver that direction and can get to the lane and extend with his long wing span over defenders or draw fouls.

He hustles and competes.

This kid has great upside and his talent is very evident.