Q&A with 2022 Isaac Traudt

2022 F Isaac Traudt from Grand Island HS/Lincoln Supreme 16U National is one of the fastest rising prospects in America. He’s a top-65 prospect on every recruiting site that has him ranked and is continuing to climb. We got a chance to speak with him recently.

RLH: First off, how has this season been going both individually and as a team?

IT: Really well, I think individually I’ve been playing well and have done a nice job being a leader and being more than just a scorer. As a team, I’m very pleased where we are at. We are 7-2 right now and I think we can continue to string a bunch of wins together. We have great chemistry and coaching that will take us a long way.

RLH: Opposing teams know that you are a nightmare matchup and that they need to try and stop you with double teams, on and off-ball pressure, etc. Which game this year has been the toughest for you and why?

IT: Probably last night’s game against Lincoln Southwest. They were doubling me in the full court and sending multiple guys at me as soon as I got past half court and scrambled from there. It forced me to become more of a facilitator and I thought I did a nice job of that. Teammates stepped up and made big plays and that’s what made us win.

RLH: You recently picked up an offer from Kansas, how does it feel to receive another offer from a college basketball blue blood?

IT: It’s a great feeling. KU is one of the most historic programs of all time and Coach Self is a hall of fame coach. I am very excited about the offer and I’m looking forward to learning more about the program.

RLH: Which colleges are keeping in contact the most or have the best relationship with you?

IT: I would say as of now probably Oklahoma, Virginia, Kansas, Missouri, Creighton, Nebraska, Louisville, and Michigan State.

RLH: Are you looking at trimming down your list anytime soon?

IT: I’m not really sure yet. I do know that I’d like to commit some time during my senior year after getting out to some campuses. I haven’t decided on a list cut yet but if I were to do that it wouldn’t be for a while.

RLH: What is something you’ve learned during the recruiting process?

IT: That hard work pays off and to always be thankful for everything you have

RLH: If you could compare your game to 1 NBA player, who would it be?

IT: Probably Jayson Tatum

RLH: What is the key to your high school’s team’s success for the rest of the year?

IT: Just to continue to improve each day in practice and fix our mistakes and to keep trusting one another.

Traudt is currently averaging 24.8 points and 9.8 rebounds a game for Grand Island Senior High School. He’s leading his team to a 7-2 record so far this season. In the summer, he runs with Lincoln Supreme.

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