Q&A with Hercy and Mercy Miller

Hercy Miller (2021) and Mercy Miller (2024) have an unbreakable bond on and off the court. They are both highly rated recruits in their respective classes, playing AAU for Grassroots Sizzle and high school for Minnehaha Academy. We caught up with both to discuss the travel season and the upcoming high school season.

RLH: How was your AAU season?
HM: We weren’t able to practice much at all, so there was a bit of an adjustment of learning on the fly at our first tournament, but we fought through it. We had big plans to put on a show, but the pandemic ruined that. However, it was good to see all the guys putting in work on their own. I’m part of something special at Grassroots Sizzle and Minnehaha Academy — everyone wants to be the best and works to achieve that.

RLH: Your younger brother, Mercy, played with you this AAU season. What was that like?
HM: Our connection and chemistry are unbreakable. It was a good experience for us both. He’s a student of the game and wants to soak up all the knowledge he can. He listens well to constructive criticism, and he strives to be the best that he can be. I’m looking forward to having him play varsity at Minnehaha Academy.

RLH: Okay Mercy, what was your experience playing up 17u as an 8th grader with your brother?
MM: It was a blessing. Just having the opportunity to get that experience is something I’ll cherish. Hercy and the rest of the guys really looked out for me on and off the court. Playing against the older competition is only going to make me a better player in the long run. 

RLH: 17u as an 8th grader is a big jump. Were you nervous about that?
MM: Yeah, but I was ready. I’ve been playing against my older brothers all my life, so I was prepared for the better competition. It definitely was a faster pace with more physicality, but I embraced that.

RLH: Hercy, what’s it like playing with the #1 recruit in the country, Chet Holmgren?
HM: Chet brings a ton of attention wherever we go…fans, media, and college coaches, so being able to have that fanfare is fun to play in front of. Chet deserves everything he’s got coming. He puts in a ton of work to be where he’s at. It might not be all over social media but that guy is always in the gym. He’s a good guy and fun to be around. Chet isn’t letting all the attention go to his head. He knows there is more work to do.

RLH: Speaking of attention, your dad is famous for his entertainment and sports careers. What is it like handling the expectations of being Master P’s son?
HM:  He looks out for us, but he definitely wants us to earn everything on our own. I don’t want to use my dad’s name to become great — I’m going to earn it on my own, and that is what he would want.
MM:  He is pretty chill and laid back when it comes to being a sports parent. He’s more about words of encouragement while giving us the tools and resources to be successful. Then it is on us to take it from there.

You guys were on your way to a State title last season before COVID-19 happened. What’s the outlook for Minnehaha Academy this year?
HM: We want to win state. We feel like there is some unfinished business there, so that is definitely a top goal as a team. We play a national schedule and have a target on back wherever we go. We know we’ll get the best game from every opponent and we wouldn’t want it any other way. We got the dog in us and we’re excited to put on a show.

RLH: We got a big game scheduled against a Waukee High School team featuring 3 top 100 players in their backyard. What do you think about that game?
HM: We can’t wait! We’re ready to ball and got some pretty good guys on our side, too. It should be a fun environment and look forward to it. 

See a teaser video for Minnehaha Academy vs. Waukee High School

RLH: What is your recruitment like. Any timetable for a commitment?
HM: I’m starting to narrow in on a list of schools but won’t make a rush on the commitment. I’ll see how things play out this season to determine what will be the best fit.
*Note* Hercy’s top 7 are: Arizona, Mizzou, UCLA, LSU, UCF, Howard, and Minnesota.