Team Look: Webster Groves

Webster Groves has a great history of winning basketball. Third year coach Justin Mathes has taken over the program from a legend, Jay Blossom, who had multiple state championships and helped coach with Team USA. The Statesmen also have a history of producing great point guards. From current NBA skills trainer Drew Hanlen to Courtney Ramey at Texas, the stable is deep with talented guards on this year’s squad. 

Matt Enright
Class of 2022

Enright is a joy to watch. His passion and focus during games are matched by few to none throughout the state. He’s the definition of a coach’s dream. Enright controls the offense while making few mistakes over the course of a game. He gets his teammates involved first, then begins to light up the scoreboard himself. Enright is a deadeye shooter from three and does so with great efficiency. While exact statistics are tough to find, many believe Enright shot around 45% from three last season and he appears to be even better as a senior. On defense, Enright guards end to end and has a relentless desire to win. Many division 2 programs are hoping to land Enright, but Division 1 programs are now starting to take notice as well.

Ethan Chartrand
Class of 2022

Chartrand has improved his stock as much as any senior in the St. Louis metro. He’s gone from a varsity role player to the top of the scouting report alongside Enright. Chartrand has a unique game built off floaters, runners, and fakes. He’s incredibly efficient around the rim and is an underrated athlete. His deceptive style and sudden bursts of speed keep the defense on their heels. 

CJ Lang
Class of 2023

Lang is a smooth slashing and defensive guard with quick hands. He’s the spark for this Webster Groves team and his energy is contagious. He can finish with or around contact and has an arsenal of moves to score around the basket. In transition, he’s also made some nice passes and shows a willingness to get his teammates involved. He’s a consistent producer that this team will rely upon. 

Iziah Purvey
Class of 2024

Purvey serves as Webster’s presence inside. He’s 6’4 but already shows good play strength as a sophomore. To go along with his strength, Purvey is a quick jumper which helps him rebound over taller opponents. His patience when going to scoring moves and ability to make free throws at a high rate give Webster a scoring boost. Purvey understands his role and executes well. A young post player to track over the next two years.