Top Passer: 2023 Giovanni Mack (Phenom Boys-PIP)

The 6ft PG is a true floor general and really shows leadership ability in running a team. He has really matured his game from playing an end line to end line type of speed paced game. He is now playing with so much poise and composure it shows the work he has put into his game.

Giovanni is a true leader and has the proper mentality to play the point and run a team. In addition, he has great vision and is a very good passer in the open floor.

He finished with a game high nine assist in one contest during the KC weekend leaving many watching in amazement at his passing and overall unselfishness.

His game seems to grow game to game as he is taking what his coaches are giving him and then executing on the floor.

He can really push the ball down the court and he gets wherever he wants with it. He gets into the paint at will and can get it to the rim with his athleticism and explosion.

Giovanni can score but I want to see him make his perimeter jumpers consistent all game along with making the 3-point shot so defenders can not back off him at all.

He is off to a tremendous start in AAU as I predict he will continue his solid play throughout the rest of the summer.

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